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Segovia warehouse April 2018
NEW 5low

Thanks to our three globally-distributed specialized logistics-centers and Integrated-Logistics-Services we are geared to deliver Turn-Key projects that are managed from Europe but executed throughout ME-AFRICA and LATAM

Our multi-national customers trust us to validate that no items, without any exception, is not forgotten, damaged or disappeared through the long logistic process, so that critical deployment and expected operation in the remote destination can start, on schedule. 

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0 Space-Band's Wooden Crates Orange Came

Our Integrated Logistics Services Include:

  • Procurement of all items from multiple sources

  • Inbound shipments of all separated items from multiple vendors to our central logistics center

  • Inventory Management, QA Inspection, Kitting preparations

  • Power-cycle & testing of all electronics items

  • Final Integration for the complete solution 

  • Re-Packing either in Carton boxes or in customized heavy-duty Wood Crates (NIMP-15) while securing all inside-packed heavy items   

  • Anti-Humid bags to protect sensitive items

  • Pre-shipment inspection coordination  

  • Labeling and marking all crates/ boxes to meet international standards and smooth logistics

  • Shipment and Logistics to the final destinations via Land-Transportation, Sea or Air-Freights

A thorough inspection of the inbound cargo, i.e. of the packing and the condition of the goods, and a complete follow-up to this, is absolutely necessary. The packing material and the packing methods have to be adapted to the specific requirements of the goods, the mode of transport and final destination.



SpaceBand operates via three logistics centers to optimize shipments to customers located worldwide:

  1. The logistics center in CDG, France to optimize shipments to destinations throughout MEA and APAC

  2. The logistics center in Segovia, Spain to optimize shipments to destinations throughout LATAM

  3. The logistics center in GA, USA to optimized shipments to destinations throughout USA

Being a Telecom Industry-Specialized, Logistics Partner is a synergy between our industry experience and our proven integrated-logistics-services. This unique combination enables us to contribute real value to our customers by being a single-point of contact for the entire project.

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