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SpaceBand is a qualified IT, Cyber & Telecom (ICT) Systems Integrator for critical-mission applications in remote locations.

Our integrated offerings range from individual products and services to fully integrated solutions including installation In remote areas with a single POC within Europe to ensure seamless execution.

By bringing together complementary skills, 20 years of experience with innovative technologies, we boost efficiency, lower costs, and accelerate schedules.


Complete Project Execution

of an Integrated TELECOM Solution for critical-mission infrastructure

in remote locations

Single POC within Europe for all below tasks:

  1. Professional Engineering based on proven vast experience

  2. Procurement and “INBOUND” shipment of all separated products to one of our three international logistics centers.

  3. Visual inspection, Power Cycling, final integration, testing

  4. Re-packing into either carton or Wood Crates

  5. Accommodating and support of Pre-Inspection

  6. Logistics and “OUTBOUND” shipment to final destinations

  7. In-Land / Domestics transportation to the final remote locations

  8. Complete Installation, commissioning and final testing

  9. Documentation and reports

The Integrated Telecom Solution

may include the below main options

  • Multiple Energy sources with an Automatic Redundant

    • Solar panels

    • Small Wind turbine

    • UPS (In-Door or Out-Door for extreme conditions)

  • Multiple Communication means with an Automatic Redundant

    • Satellite communication (FSS or MSS)

    • Fully automatic redundant BUC and/or LNB configuration

    • Cellular or Radio-Modems

  • Out-of- Band Management for remote control

  • Cyber-shielded, Ruggedized SCADA (IoT/M2M) integrated Gateway (built-in Firewall and Router)

  • Complete hot-deep galvanized pedestal structure which is customized for the specific installation (i.e. wind-load)

  • Electric fence

Related Products

Fixed Satellite Antennas

Fixed satellite antennas for all bands (C, Ku and Ka bands), from 60cm to 4.5m mainly from GD and SWG, fixed or motorized with tracking beacon receivers

Auto-Pointing Antennas

Auto-Pointing Antennas from leading manufacturers for Ku and Ka bands for variety of applications such as Mobile-Banking, DSNG, Oil-&Gas, exploration and construction companies

BUC & Frequency Converters

BUCs and Frequency Converters, either Single thread (1:0) or Dual-thread (1:1) for all bands (C, Ku and Ka) with optional Power-Inserter and ETH interface for remote control via HTTP (SNMP)


Wide portfolio of LNB from leading manufacturers, PLL or DRO for all bands and application including single thread configuration or with auto-switch for dual-thread applications

High-Quality and high permanence Filters for C band with outstanding performance of Pass-band Insertion and Return Loss


Wide range of industrial grade Cellular (LTE) and long distance Radio Modems for enterprise applications in remote locations such as primary or backup connection 

Cellular Modems/Radio Modems

Narrow-Band, all outdoor, Integrated satellite GEO terminal for SCADA/ IoT/ M2M applications either as  primary connection

or as a back-up

Satellite Outdoor Terminal for SCADA (IoT/M2M)

Cyber-Shielded SCADA/M2M/ IoT Gateway with a built-in integrated Firewall and Router 

Secured SCADA (IoT/M2M) Gateway

Out-of-Band (OBM) terminals for remote monitoring and control of critical assets in remote locations including smart PDU


Integrated Solar Panels solutions and Telecom-grade, Dual-Conversion (On-Line) In-Door and Out-Door UPS for extreme conditions 

Solar panels, UPS

Standard and customized Hot-Deep, galvanized pedestals/ Penetrating and Non-Penetrating Mounts for critical mission applications and strong-wind load while floor-space is limited

Customized Mounts

Electric Security Fence to protect the remotely located solution from theft and vandalism and from unauthorized access to the telecom equipment  

Electric Fence

Related Accessories

Grounding Rod KIT

Pre-Fabricated/ Crimped Grounding Rods from all types, diameters and lengths including  Tubes, Insulated grounding wires and accessories such as Lugs / Terminals and Clamps 

Grounding Cables KIT

Pre-Fabricated / Crimped Grounding cables KITs for both INDOOR (6mm/M6/M8/M12) and OUTDOOR  (16mm/M8/M12)


Quality Flexi-Waveguides

(WR-137) for both C and Ku bands with variety of Flanges and Grooves customized per project  

RF Adapters

Variety of RF adapters, converters and connectors including WR-137/N types, RG11/RG6, LMR-400, N(m) 50Ohm / F(f) 75 Ohm and vice versa N(f)/F(m)

Variety of different U or Square bolts made from Stainless Steel Material with customized thread diameter, thread long, height with nuts kits 

U / Squared Bolts

Variety of Sets & KITs of screws, nuts, washers from different size, metrics (i.e. US or Metric), head types (i.e. HEX or Socket) and materials (i.e. Stainless Steel, Brass, Zinc...)

Screw / Gasket KITs 

Wide range of installation materials including Tie-Wraps, Amalgamating tapes, Writable-Flags, Connectors, Gaskets, Clamps, Grounding plates/ BARs 

Installation Materials

Variety of Power Cables and Power Distribution Units (PDU) with different length, Diameters /AWB and coats including C5/C20/C13/C14/ Schuko  CEE7

Power Cables
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