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Power & Energy

SpaceBand provides advanced, engineered UPS, Power and Solar Energy Integrated solutions


Enterprise-grade, Advanced UPS engineered for critical mission applications in remotes locations. The Alpha UPS series is based on Double-Conversion/On-Line technology. 

Advantages of Double-Conversion/On-Line technology 

  • Complete Isolation between Input (mains) and output (loads) 

    • Higher network Reliability via much longer life time of connected load’s items (i.e. modem)

  • Un-Conditional, FIXED Pure output Sign-Wave!

    • Regardless of Input Voltage fluctuation and Frequency instability

    • Higher network Availability via independent and stable output voltage & frequency sine-wave, which minimize maintenance calls and increase service

  • Highest efficiency enable Power Factor of 100%

    • i.e. Enabling 1500W output from 1500VA input 

Smart Solution

  1. Smooth Integration via SNMP NIC

  2. Central Management Solution  

  3. Hot swappable battery enables smooth replacement
    w/o interruption to critical load

 Outdoor UPS designed for extreme conditions

  1. Engineered for extreme weather, Dust, Temperature (-40°C to +74°C) and Humidity conditions 

  2. Conformal coated PCBs protect against exposure to moisture and high humidity environment  

  3. Made of rugged electric and electronic components

  4. Temperature compensation utilized to effectively manage battery charge voltage  

  5. Built-in AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) allows for a wider input voltage range for world-wide use 

  6. Enhanced surge protection capability (TVSS – Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor, LAP – Lightning Arrestor Protection)

SPACE-BAND provides superior Engineering, Procurement, Integration, Supply and installations of an Integrated
Solar-Powered, Autonomous Stations in remote locations. 

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