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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Services

CyberScope provides Network Security Audits, Gap Analysis and comprehensive GDPR certification compliance services for companies to evaluate their initial readiness and implement changes to meet the GDPR.  


We map and analyze the complete data processing through our audits including:

  • Data-Flow, Data-Inventory

  • Data Processing lawful principles


We guide organizations to implement required communications including:

  • Privacy Notices

  • Contracts with suppliers and business partners

  • Act as POC with Supervisory Authorities and Data-Subjects


We guide organizations to implement policies and frame works:

  • Risk Management and DPIA

  • Breach management 

  • Data protection governance 


We provide detailed reports with a prioritized
actionable recommendations list of key areas to improve for GDPR compliancy:

  • Gap Analysis report

  • Validation audit for certification 

  • Solutions to mitigate Risk and improve Data-Protection 

DPO Outsourcing Services:

Outsourcing Data Protection Officer (DPO) role to a part-time Service Contract enable organization address their GDPR’s compliance challenges while staying focused on their core business at affordable cost. 


As a DPO we will develop, coordinate and manage the organisation’s data protection strategy to comply with the GDPR: 

  • Ensures that daily operations and business practices adhere to applicable data protection laws; and

  • Ensures data protection considerations and processes are incorporated into business practices; and

  • Cooperate and synchronise compliance activities with relevant Supervisory Authority 

  • Act as a POC on behalf of the organization in case of a Data Breach and manage the incident with both Supervisory Authority and Data Subjects  

Why Chose us?

  1. We have an in-depth understanding of the GDPR requirements 

  2. Our GDPR Practitioners are certified by the GASQ 

  3. We have more then 20 years of experience in Data Security, Network infrastructure and service organizations

  4. We have deep understanding in advance IT and Cyber-Security solutions to mitigate data-protection risks 

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