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CyberScope provides Managed Secured Network Services via Security Operating Center (SOC) which continuously monitoring and executes incident management and respond by Security specialists. 

Running your own security operations center (SOC) and security information and event management (SIEM) is very challenging.

Finding experts cyber-security analysts to staff your SOC and manage your SIEM with the necessary correlation rules and use cases while keeping them constantly educated and on your payroll is very expensive. 

Paying for the entire security operation that is dedicated only for a single company can quickly add-up to hundreds of thousands per year.


When you chose CyberScope as your Managed Cyber-Security Services partner you leverage on most experienced cyber analysis, most innovative technologies and enjoy superior customer service at a shared cost.

We provide the following Managed, Cyber-Security services:


  1. 24/7 Security Operating Center (SOC) 

  2. Real time Managed, Detection and Response (MDR)

  3. Cyber-Security Assessments and intelligence based on:

    • Real-time access to world-wide threats and campaign analysis

    • The largest and most-up-to-date official and un-official sources

  4. Continuous Vulnerability Tracking & Remediation

  5. Anti-Phishing threat detection and remediation

  6. Attack-Patch-Scenario (APS) Simulation

  7. Incident investigation and customized notifications of issues resolved

  8. Actionable, priorities recommendations for immediate remediation  

  9. Managed security updates and patching

  10. IT security governance, policies and compliance

  11. User education and awareness training

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